Fa-la-la-llama Hike

Adam and I went on quite a few adventures last year, but for me, our llama trek in Shenandoah Valley tops them all. Donna and Tim, of Twin Creeks Llamas, along with our new friends Santiago, Pete and Coffee Bean, treated us to an incredible three hour hike on their farm, located 90 minutes west of Washington, D.C. Check out the video of our full adventure above.

After arriving Saturday morning, we spent about an hour getting to know the llamas, learning how to halter and lead them, and asking a ton of questions (read their great FAQ here). It was the weekend of Thanksgiving, so it was just Adam and I, but Donna and Tim were sweet enough take us on what they call a "Llama Lite Picnic Hike" on their beautiful property.  

Photo // Twin Creeks Llamas

Photo // Twin Creeks Llamas



The Llama Lite picnic hike ($55/per person) is a condensed version of the regular 4-hour trek through Shenandoah's Blue Ridge Mountains. The picnic hike includes 1 1/4 miles of groomed trails that meander through the woods and follow the banks of their two streams. It also includes the standard "trail gourmet" lunch, which was right up there with one of mine and Adam's favorite meals to date. The llamas carry everything for you and Donna and Tim put out a truly delicious spread for us, including Donna's famed pumpkin soup.

All-in-all, Llama Lite is a great option if you're not up for the full hike or are short on time—but Adam and I are certainly looking forward to coming back in the fall to tackle the Overlook Trail ($75/per person).

Photo // Twin Creeks Llamas

Photo // Twin Creeks Llamas


It was the first hike of the holiday season, so Donna decked the boys in sleigh bells for our hike. They were adorable, as were their kisses—which you could get if you were quick and had some yummy grain as a treat.

(Party) Pete, as he's affectionately called, was my buddy for the hike. Pete is jet black, curious, and was definitely one of my favorites. In fact, Donna and Tim explained that oftentimes llama personalities are compared to that of cats, curious and aloof. But like cats, they each had very unique personalities and it was so much fun getting to know them over the course of our hike.