Thanksgiving in Paris


After returning from London, we had one day left in Paris before heading home. We checked into a new hotel—which was much more Parisian in style and decor (aka really small)! Living in D.C. Adam and I are used to making do with small spaces, but this was another level of small. The bathroom couldn't have been more than 4 square feet and reminded me more of a cruise ship than a hotel room. But it was effortlessly stunning—as are most things in Paris—and certainly gave us a good laugh. Space is definitely at a premium in Paris, but I found their excellent use of outdoor space, even in the winter, impressive.

For us it was still Thanksgiving, for everyone else it was just another Thursday in late November. We spent the afternoon shopping before heading to Bistro St. Martin, a French restaurant that pulls out all the stops for a traditional American Thanksgiving.

We were all a little sad to miss the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade and the comforts of a holiday at home—but once we walk through the doors of St. Martin it instantly felt like home.


Located near Canal St. Martin, the restaurant is run by Mary, an expat from Boston, and her husband. It was packed with Americans—a family from North Carolina to our left and a couple from New Jersey to our right—everyone speaking English. Mary and the wait staff treated us to a feast, serving up an authentic American dinner: carrot soup, pumpkin bread, turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green beans, and cranberries. Dessert was just as delicious with the choice of pumpkin, apple or pecan pie—we got one of each!

Many thanks to Mary and her team who worked with us months in advance on reservations and made our Thanksgiving in Paris one we won't soon forget!